flores primavera ferratumThe month of February is coming to an end. We are already preparing to welcome March, the third month of the year. March arrives full of festivals such as Father’s Day or Holy Week, we also find ourselves with a rise in temperatures, the cold is gradually disappearing from our lives and we can enjoy new colors, smells and sensations. The days lengthen and the nights are shorter, in the end spring begins.

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Characteristics of spring:

To understand a little better what is spring we will know some of its main characteristics:

Climate : The typical climate of spring is temperate, in the northern hemisphere it appears between the months of March and June, while in the south it occurs around September 22 and ends on December 22.
Therefore when in the northern hemisphere it is spring in the south it is autumn and vice versa.

Agriculture : Spring is the preferred season for farmers and gardeners. The month of May is officially the month of flowers.
Therefore, spring is the ideal period to grow plants and fill the garden with beautiful flowers.

Literature : Spring not only affects climate and nature, it also plays an important role in literature. Various poets and writers have used this station as a stylistic resource, in numerous metaphors, as a symbol of fertility and youth, of freshness. The beauty of its colors places the space of spring as one of the moments of greatest creative inspiration.
The expression “being in the prime of life” alludes in a certain way to spring and what this season represented a few years ago for romantic writers or naturalists, freshness, youth, the fleeting moment, which is not withered.

Equinox: When the sun is closer to the plane of the equator, the equinox phenomenon occurs. Night and day merge for a moment. This event occurs twice a year. With the equinox, sunlight shines in the same way on both hemispheres. The equinoxes define the seasonal changes of the year and correspond to the spring equinox and the autumn equinox.
Spring is one of the four seasons that is one year old. It appears after winter and precedes summer.
The season of spring begins with the spring equinox, which occurs between March 20 and 21 in the northern hemisphere and between September 21 and 23 in the southern hemisphere. And it ends with the summer solstice, approximately June 21 in the north and December 21 in the south.

With spring the days start to be longer reaching 12 hours. The days lengthen progressively as the summer season approaches.

Temperatures also increase progressively although rains are frequent. In spring the precipitations are irregular and usually appear in the form of storms and showers. Residual cold air masses are also common at this time of the year so it is common to find constant temperature changes.

The trees, bare and discolored, turn green again. The deciduous leaf is characteristic of trees in spring. As the days go by, the flowers will gradually bloom, filling everything with joy, light and color.

Although the spring landscape is beautiful flowers bring with them pollen, the main enemy of people suffering from allergies or asthma. The months of April and May, with spring, not only bring beautiful things like the sun, flowers or evenings drinking something on a terrace with friends. It also brings sneezing, itching and many headaches.

Another important aspect in the spring is fashion. The trends change completely with the arrival of this new station. After the winter sales season spring novelties arrive, new trends and styles fill the stores of different colors. Changes in temperature and the arrival of the sun prompts us to renew our wardrobe. The spring season is installed on the catwalks and also in our cupboards. Large advertising campaigns for clothing and accessories carry the word “SPRING” as part of their slogan.

Where does the spring name come from?

The term spring is derived from Latin, and is composed of premium that comes from “primer” and verra “verdor” and literally means “The first verdor” obviously refers to the time of year in which it is located, which, after gray days , rainy and cold, the earth fills with bright colors, the heat appears little by little and the plants bloom. Spring is also synonymous with vitality, light, color and joy.

It’s the season of being outdoors, of doing sports, of having direct contact with nature. Take something on a terrace, have a picnic on the shore of a beautiful river. There are thousands of plans that arise with the arrival of spring. Devote these days of good weather to leave. Visit your favorite places, take walks in the park, visit animals at the zoo, make small excursions to the countryside.