Prefer hyacinths in glass

They smell intense and with their bright colors are true messengers of spring: hyacinths. The plants are easy to care for, can grow indoors and outdoors and need little attention. From hyacinth bulbs can be easily produce beautiful and fragrant decorations. The onion flowers can be simply preferred in vases or glasses.

Image result for hyacinthsThis is how it works: pull hyacinths yourself

  • There are several ways to grow hyacinths: in special hyacinth glass from the trade and in containers made of PET bottles. Waxed hyacinth bulbs do not require water and can be used immediately as decoration.

  • To make a hyacinth glass from a PET bottle, we need a 0.5 liter water bottle.

  • The bottle is cut into three parts with a cutter. First cut directly under the bottleneck. The second cut is about one centimeter above the indentation. The closure is not needed. The upper part is turned over and cut so that the Hyacinth bulb safely holds in it.

  • Then this part is fixed with adhesive film on the lower part.

  • If hyacinth bulbs with a larger diameter are available, it is sufficient to remove the upper area.

  • Then place the hyacinth bulbs in a container and fill the bottom of the glass – or bottle – with water. So they start to drive roots and grow.

  • The color of the flower can be read on the onion skin. A dark peel is a sure sign of a dark bloom. Whether it turns blue, pink or red, but can not say for sure.

  • The bright onion peel gives the certainty that the flower will be white. Attention: The consumption of hyacinth bulbs is harmful to health, as the plants are poisonous!

  • There are also hyacinths whose roots are surrounded by a wax coat, which can be placed in any decorative glass. It does not need water.

Prefer hyacinth bulbs in glass

Instructions: Make paper hat

  • Place a round object, for example a plate, on the back of strong wrapping paper, paint around with a pencil and cut out.


  • Find the center of the circle and cut the paper from the outer edge to the middle.


  • Make a hat from the paper and stick together or tack with a tacker.

This is how it works: Put an untreated hyacinth bulb in a glass and fill it with water. The water level should be such that the bulb stands on the water surface. Then an eight- to twelve-week cooling phase begins in the dark cellar or refrigerator. A little hat made of glossy paper can decoratively protect the onion from light. The trade also keeps prepared, ie pre-chilled, onions ready. These are warm and dark – also powered by Papierhütchen – driven. Darkening promotes root growth. Depending on the room temperature, leaves and inflorescences grow quickly.

Check water level regularly

It is important to check the water level regularly. When the first roots have formed, it should be changed: the onion must then have no contact with the water, only the roots are still immersed. If the roots have developed well, the cap can be removed. Tip: Aquarium water contains many nutrients and is great for pushing. Alternatively, a few drops of liquid fertilizer can be added.

The hyacinth bulb can also be two-thirds in a flowerpot with peat-free potting soil to be planted. Also in this method, the above-described cooling phase is necessary. The soil should be kept moist but not wet.

Decorate the home

If buds have formed, the home can be decorated with hyacinths. If you like, plant them together with other flowering plants in a colorful bowl. However, the driven plants should not be placed outdoors. The frost would hurt them.

Trend: Hyacinth bulbs in wax coat

For those who prefer being too expensive, the flower shop offers a practical alternative: waxed hyacinth bulbs. These can be immediately decorated in the apartment without the procedure described above. You do not need any further care, not even water. They prefer a sunny location.

Related imageIntense odor can cause allergies

The open flowers of the plants exude an intense fragrance that is not for everyone in closed rooms. Sensitive individuals may experience allergic inflammation of the eyelids. Only when the hyacinths have faded, the intense smell ends. Important to know: The plants are poisonous when consumed by humans and animals.

Keep onions after flowering

Enlarge image If the soil is frost-free, hyacinth bulbs can be planted in the bed in spring.

Ripe for the bio bin the bulbs are not after blooming. Hyacinths, which have so far grown without soil, can be planted in a flower pot. Carefully remove the wax layer on the waxed onions. Place the potted plants in a frost-free and bright place until about mid-March and continue to supply them with water. When the time of ice and snow in the garden is over, the plants can be planted in the bed, about ten centimeters deep.