Plans for this spring

Are you already preparing to receive spring? A change of season always brings other changes. The weather, the schedules, the environment, the fashion, the plans …
With the spring the plans increase, the sun begins to heat with more force and little by little the days are getting longer. The terraces of the bars begin to get crowded, the same happens with the parks. Outdoor activities are increasing and shopping centers, cinemas and theaters also accommodate a larger number of people.
Spring weather invites us to go out, have a drink with friends, have dinner and then watch a movie.

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What do you like to do in the spring? What are your preferred plans?
Just in case you still have some doubt Ferratum brings you some ideas:

5 plans to enjoy the good pre-spring weather

  1. Leisure and culture:

Culture is increasingly present in the free time of the Spanish.

3 out of 4 Spaniards use online discounts for their leisure plans, this shows that leisure is an important aspect of human life and that, moreover, we can find more and more offers in this sector.
Culture and leisure are related, going to a concert, to the cinema to see a movie or to the theater to enjoy a good play or a musical are very popular weekend plans. The billboards are updated weekly and the offer of concerts is very wide, being able to attend different shows depending on personal taste. In addition, it is increasingly common to spend the weekend visiting the best museums in Spain.

Cinema, theater, painting, sculpture, music … What plan do you choose?

  1. Travels:

On weekends, father’s day, Easter holidays …
There are quite a few dates that are approaching and you can take advantage of each of them to make a short break. Change of scene, know new environments, tradition, gastronomy …
Prepare your car before traveling if you are going to move by road, this is an essential aspect that you can not neglect. The company is also important. Give a romantic trip to your partner or take the family to spend a relaxing weekend. The important thing is to disconnect and get to know new cultures and places. You can travel abroad or know the best towns in Spain, which are ideal for these weekend getaways.

  1. Plan at home:

We still have a few days of cold and rain and to combat this time it is best to make a good plan at home.
Invite your friends to eat or organize a dinner with the family. It may be a good time for you to demonstrate your culinary skills. There is nothing more satisfying than preparing the best dishes yourself and sharing them with your loved ones. Surely you will surprise them! If you do not know what to cook, prepare the best Italian pasta dishes, it is an easy and quick meal to prepare and everyone likes it.

  1. Terraces, bars :

With good weather, what you really want is to have a snack outdoors in good company. The establishments are aware of this and that is why bars and restaurants enable an outdoor space in which they place tables and chairs so that customers can have their drinks and eat while enjoying the sun and the warm wind of spring and summer. summer.

Organize a hangout with your friends on a Saturday afternoon and have a coffee in the best outdoor cafes in Spain.

  1. Restaurants :

Any plan can start with a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Sometimes the best gift is a dinner in an exclusive place, a cozy restaurant where you enjoy an unforgettable lunch or dinner. If you like tranquility you may be interested in visiting one of the many clandestine restaurants that exist in Spain. You can find cheap restaurants where the food is exquisite and the treatment is unbeatable, sometimes it is better to avoid expensive restaurants after dinner to be able to make other plans such as dancing, going to the theater or going to the movies.

With our immediate loans you can make exciting and fun plans, dinner nights in a good restaurant with friends and mornings of food at home preparing yourself the best dishes. You will also have the opportunity to organize an incredible party, go out to see a good play or stay in the afternoon for coffee and chat with friends.

Enjoy leisure, live every detail, take advantage of your free time! With the quick microloans of Ferratum you will get it.