It blooms so beautifully – spring in the middle of November

The winter snowball is blooming – in the middle of November. He usually does that only in January. And also with other plants one can now see buds. November, with temperatures between 11 and 15 degrees, feels like spring to them.

Hardly humid low pressure areas

Image result for Schleswig-Holstein flowersSchleswig-Holstein has been almost permanently under the influence of high pressure since April. The result: Too warm weather for our latitudes and little chance for humid low pressure areas. November was up to four degrees too warm. This is due to a high, which is always over Eastern Europe, as diploma meteorologist Meeno Schrader says. “In contrast, there is a low pressure area over Ireland and the North Atlantic, between the two there is wind and a southern current, the warm air from the Mediterranean to us again and again,” said the NDR weather expert. The depression above the North Atlantic does not have the strength to reach Germany. Meeno Schrader suspects that long-term heat and low rainfall is an effect of climate change.

Facts, figures and facts for summer 2018

  • May surprised the meteorologists. There were significantly more hours of sunshine than the average of the past ten years.

  • By contrast, June did not surprise.

  • There were many hours of sunshine in July, but no new top values ‚Äč‚Äčthis year. However, the comparison on average over the past ten years was significant.

  • Over 200 hours of sunshine brought August, …

  • … much less the September. But compared to the ten-year average, there were more hours of sunshine in 2018.

  • In May of this year it rained considerably less than the average of the past ten years.

  • Also in June it was often dry. It fell throughout the month 33.8 liters per square meter.

  • More than a quarter less rain than the average of the past ten years fell in July.

  • August was more changeable with significantly more precipitation than in the months before.

  • That changed again in September – it fell 46.2 liters per square meter.

  • In May, the average temperature was well above the ten-year average.

  • June was warmer than last.

  • As in May, the temperature was above average in July of this year.

  • This trend continued in August.

  • No big deviations brought the September.

Too little rain

Impact that feels especially the botany. Many plants have saved their energies in the extremely hot and dry summer. In order to preserve their style, they give their all in this spring-like November. “They drive flowers again, try to be pollinated, but it will not help them because the fruit is not ripe,” explains Martin Nickol of the Botanical Garden Kiel. Also problematic: it hardly rains anymore. The floors are, especially in lower layers, dust-dry. That sets plants and trees.

Freezing temperatures from next week

With spring in the autumn, it will be over from next week. From Wednesday on, the meteorologists in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg expect snow or snow grit. At temperatures around the freezing point, there is a risk of smoothness. However, the probability of precipitation remains low.