Prefer early flowering in autumn: how it works

When is the right time to plant the flower bulbs? Timely planning for the so-called driving of flower bulbs is important. Should the flowers already around Christmas around or open in January, the culture must already in early October begin. For a flower in February is planted around mid-October, for a still later flowering in… Continue reading “Prefer early flowering in autumn: how it works”


SPRING STARTS WITH MONEY: A MILLION PLANS WAIT FOR YOU The month of February is coming to an end. We are already preparing to welcome March, the third month of the year. March arrives full of festivals such as Father’s Day or Holy Week, we also find ourselves with a rise in temperatures, the cold… Continue reading “Spring”

It blooms so beautifully – spring in the middle of November

The winter snowball is blooming – in the middle of November. He usually does that only in January. And also with other plants one can now see buds. November, with temperatures between 11 and 15 degrees, feels like spring to them. Hardly humid low pressure areas Schleswig-Holstein has been almost permanently under the influence of… Continue reading “It blooms so beautifully – spring in the middle of November”