Bail bonds Brunswick county NC -Bail Bond Prices

Bail bonds Brunswick county NC -Bail Bond Prices

The judicial bond is responsible for ensuring compliance with the obligations and responsibilities resulting from a judicial process, which may be criminal or non-criminal.

In the case of non-criminal judicial bail, its function is to ensure compliance with the obligations resulting from a civil controversy in which damages are presented to the nation or issues of amparo and labor lawsuits.

Bail Bond Prices

Labor judgment: It is guaranteed that the bond complies with the obligations derived from the judgment in a labor lawsuit.

Alimony: Within this judicial process, the payment of the pension is guaranteed by one of the spouses, in favor of the couple and the minors.

Amparo laboral: Guarantees the payment of damages caused to the injured third party, due to the request made by the latter to suspend the execution of the act claimed, whether in civil, administrative or commercial matters, provided that the judicial authority grants said suspension.

Repair of damages: The possible payment of the damages that the accused has caused to the offended party for the crimes that are imputed and that are accredited in the criminal process is ensured.

In order to carry out the process of a non-criminal judicial bond, it is necessary to have a guarantee, which can be immovable property free of encumbrance or a deposit for the amount that is being requested in the source document or contract.

Once the guarantee is available, the interested party must gather the necessary documentation for the procedure and the integration of the file. Subsequently, the surety (through its intermediaries) will provide the interested party with a form that must be completed to complete the issuance process. The judicial bail will be delivered 3 working days later.

Proceed the non-criminal judicial bail you need to guarantee compliance with an obligation or judicial process. 

The bail bond agent will need you to pay a fee of about 10-20% of whatever the entire bail amount is. you can try lions bail bonds