Month: March 2019

The overdraft authorization given for a bond

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The authorization of overdraft granted abusively to obtain the guarantee of the leaders 1 °) On the successive granting of several credits to a company and the subscription of guarantee commitments A bank had successively granted several credits to a company. The last credit was an overdraft authorization for a maximum amount of 158,000 euros […]

Administrative bonds and their importance in the conclusion of contracts

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The main function of administrative bonds is to guarantee compliance in time and form with the legal and economic obligations acquired during the execution of a contract The aforementioned obligations can be derived from an order, purchase order or work contract. These contracts, concluded between two or more persons, can be both physical and moral. […]

What formats and requirements do you need to present to process bail bonds?

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As we have seen before, a bond is an instrument of guarantee whose purpose is to guarantee the fulfillment of a contract or obligation , granting the beneficiary of the policy, the certainty that in case the bond fails to comply with the established, the surety will respond to through the obligor and will repair […]